Best Outfield Gloves For Baseball

Best Outfield Gloves For Baseball in 2022 [Reviews & Comparison]

If you are an outfielder, you know that you are responsible for covering a third of the whole outfield. And that’s why it’s your responsibility is to do a game-changer performance in that position for your team. But if you don’t have an ideal outfield glove, it’s tough to be that game-changer player. No matter you have the talent to be the best baseball outfielder in your community; even then, your game will ruin just for a perfect outfielder’s glove.

After 44 hours of our research, we found the ultimate 5 best outfield gloves for baseball in the market. We did it just to ensure that you are going to get the ideal baseball gloves for yourself. May you have the question; why do you need to believe us? Well, at first, when we started researching, we decided to review 10 gloves as the best. But we are not from one of those reviewers who do qualify gloves based on just Amazon review.

And also, we do not review products for paid sponsors. Every one of those gloves we reviewed had to pass the 10 qualifying tests to prove themselves as the best. We talked about those 10 qualifying tests in the last of this article. We also attached a buying guide to help you make an excellent financial decision about the best of best.

Top 5 Best Outfield Gloves for Baseball

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove
Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove
  • 2-piece Web
  • Pro stock(TM) Leather
  • Dual welting for a durable pocket
Mizuno  MVP Prime
Mizuno MVP Prime
  • Bio soft leather 
  • Professional level lace
  • Outlined, embroidered logo
Wilson A900
Wilson A900
  • Single Post Web Pattern
  • British Tan and Black Leather
  • Double Palm Construction
Rawlings R9 Series Baseball Glove
Rawlings R9 Series Baseball Glove
  • comes with a soft, durable & All-Leather Shell
  • Padded finger back liners 
  • 80% Factory broken in

1. Wilson A2000 (Best Outfielders Glove Overall)

Wilson A2000
  • Material: Blonde Pro Stock Leather
  • Size: 12/ 12.5/ 12.75
  • Style: Pro laced T-Web
  • Colors: 6 colors available + customizable

Wilson A2000 Outfielders baseball glove is the most famous and best-selling glove in the whole world since it was made. Not only amongst the outfielders, but this glove is also the most favorite choice for all positions. All sizes are available of this series to be the ultimate glove for all positions.

This glove has a pro-laced web style on it for players to block the sun shield and catch the ball more comfortably. Made by blonde pro stock leather to make sure that it will last for an extended amount of time. These epic baseball gloves were specially designed by the hall of farmer Kirby Puckett. Most outfielders love it because of its added length and reinforced bar across the trap, which gives you added stability.

To be honest, this is not a glove that you can break in quickly with a newbie’s hands. It’s a little tough to soften these baseball gloves because of their durable materials and hand-made construction. So if you don’t know how to beak in a glove professionally, then it will be a big mess, and you could end up damaging your gloves.

It’s true that this glove required a professional break-in, but don’t even think of this as a heavy and hard glove. The pro stock leather (it’s leather material) is too lightweight to play. It also has a Drilex wrist lining to save you from overheating under the sun.

No matter you are right-handed or left; this amazing A2000 has both-handed variations. If you do care about the color then this glove comes in 6 professional-looking colors.

Even if you don’t like that 6 pre-made colors, there is an option to customize it as your preferences. Visit the official Wilson website from the link below to customize its color. No extra charge will be required.

The only thing that we don’t like is its price range. The price isn’t affordable for all. But as you know, a good thing comes with a good price.

  • Lightweight
  • Available for all positions
  • Durable blonde pro leather
  • Drilex lining to keep hands cool and dry
  • Right-handed/ Left-handed
  • Customizable
  • Bit expensive

2. Mizuno MVP Prime (High-Performing Outfielders Glove)

Mizuno MVP Prime
  • Material: Bio soft leather
  • Size: 12.75
  • Style: Open Web: Closed Back
  • Colors: 2 colors available

If you are finding top-quality outfield gloves that maintain all criteria to be the best baseball gloves but doesn’t cost more than $100, then your search ends here.

Mizuno used bio soft leather to make this fantastic affordable glove. The reason we love this material is because of its softness. This professional, smooth leather glove has a smoother surface that provides comfort to the hand. For being soft, this glove is easy to beak in.

As the a2000 this Mizuno MVP Prime is also available in both hand orientations. This is not as customizable as its price range. But it comes with two colors variation. Not only by quality but these gloves also looks premium by their design.

It comes with an outlined, embroidered logo on the outside that gives you a professional look while it’s on your hand. For this reason, it’s one of the most loved outfielders gloves to youth.

Mizuno MVP Prime is an extremely flexible glove. Being flexible helps you to catch the ball more comfortably. The plus grip thumb technology (Ultra comfortable padded thumb slot) allows you to catch the faster ball. They featured it to keep you safe from being a finger or hand injury.

While giving all of the extreme features; this is not an overpriced outfielders glove. It comes with a price range that can afford everyone

  • Durable leather]
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to break-in
  • Flexible
  • Comes with finger protection
  • Rich and premium look
  • For both hand
  • Affordable price
  • Can come to a size smaller

3. Wilson A900 Baseball Glove (Best Baseball Gloves For Youth)

Wilson A900 Baseball Glove
  • Materials: British tan black leather
  • Size: 12/12.5
  • Style: Single post web
  • Colors: 2 Colors are available

The Wilson A900 is an ideal outfielders glove for youth. This fantastic baseball glove is constructed with a leather shield. The Wilson featured double palm construction on it to provide you extra padding to catch the ball. It also helps you to create maximum pocket stability for improving catching performance.

This is a perfectly light, soft, and comfortable baseball glove. May this glove feel soft for the hand, but it is made with high-quality leather to give you service for a long time.

For being soft, this glove doesn’t require any break-in. Just out of the box and ready to play. (Yes this glove doesn’t need to a break-in, but we advise you to break in every new glove with high-quality oils for securing its durability)

If you need this glove for a player who has larger hands; then it might be an uncomfortable choice for you. For the player with the perfect hand, it’s going to give a little bit of snuggle fit. So your hand won’t be bouncing around.

This one also has both hand and colors variation to choose from. The affordable Wilson A900 outfielders glove is highly recommended for younger elite travel baseball players.

  • Durable high-quality leather
  • Lightweight and soft
  • Zero break-ins required
  • Double palm construction
  • Both hand orientation
  • Affordable price
  • only recommended for youth

4. Rawlings R9 Outfield Glove (Top Rated Outfielders gloves)

Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove
  • Material: Durable All leather
  • Size: 12.75
  • Style: Pro H Web
  • Colors: 3 pre-made + Customizable

Rawlings R9 baseball glove is the most rated outfield glove in the whole baseball community. A soft, durable all-leather shell constructs this glove.

For being soft and flexible, it helps a player to catch a ball more comfortably. The padded thumb loop, finger back liners, and reinforced palm can absorb the highest hitting power and create a comfortable catching experience.

This flexible Rawlings R9 comes with 80% factory break-in while out of the box. So you don’t need to give a hard break-in to make this game ready. A simple break-in will be enough to make the R9 ready to play.

I love this baseball glove when it comes to colors. 3 premade colors are available for this outfielders gloves (I like the Cherry one). Another feature that you have to love about this glove is the name customizable.

You can ask for engraving your name on the outside of this baseball glove. It will give you more professional looks while playing a tournament.

This outfield glove is perfect between 8-15 years old. Like with others, it also comes with the right and left-hand variation. So it doesn’t matter which hand thrower you are. This will be an excellent choice for those who want more quality at fewer prices. The price is affordable and exactly at the point.

  • Durable all-leather construction
  • Soft and flexible
  • Comes with 80% factory break-in
  • Can absorb highest power speed
  • Name customizable

  • Sometimes can come without the 80% break-in

5. Easton Blackstone (Best budget-friendly outfielders glove)

Easton Blackstone Baseball Glove
  • Material: Select Cowhide leather
  • Size: 12.75
  • Style: Dual Bar H Web
  • Colors: Black as its name

Our most budget-friendly outfielder glove is the new Easton Blackstone baseball glove. While we are saying “budget-friendly,” that doesn’t mean we are talking about cheap and low-quality outfield gloves.

This Easton Blackstone is made and constructed by cowhide leather shell to last for long. They also featured supple leather palm lining to provide you soft comfort and feel from the ball that comes straight from the bat.

If you look at the laces, Easton used rawhide leather laces to secure its durability and structure. This baseball glove doesn’t need a hard break-in to make it ready to rock because it’s soft and flexible.

Like the other four, this one is also available for both hands. This fantastic budget-friendly outfield glove comes with only one color (black) as its name. And also the color is not customizable, and you can’t engrave your name.

This is not a glove that cost you a hundred bucks. This is more affordable than the other four which we selected. But you should not expect too much from the Easton Blackstone baseball gloves by keeping in mind its price range.

  • Durable and soft
  • Cushioned padded palm for comfort
  • Doesn’t require break-in
  • Extremely affordable
  • A little heavy in naturally

How to Choose The Best Outfield Gloves For Baseball

Well, everyone knows that every baseball gloves are not equal. There is a difference between the best and the worst. But what makes a baseball glove best? What to look for while buying an outfielders glove?

Easy To Open & Close

Durable leather or hard construction gives your glove long-lasting durability. But a glove is worth nothing if you don’t feel comfortable while playing. Before buying a baseball glove, you always need to check its flexibility.

If you chose a glove that is easy to open and close, then it’s going to improve your game performance. All of the gloves which we reviewed are flexible except the A2000. But you can also give flexibility to this one by a hard break-in.

Glove Length

An outfielders glove isn’t the same as an infielder. Those gloves are a little bigger than infielder by size. 12/12.25/12.75/13 is the size of a regular outfielder’s glove.

As you know, an outfielder needs to give a quick reaction while catching a ball on the baseball field. So having a perfect size or a larger glove helps you to catch the ball faster.

  • If you are from 11-13 or older than 14; the 12-12.75 size will be perfect for you.
  • For 8-10, outfielder gloves that sized 10-12 will be enough.
  • Or if you are under 7 then you should choose something from 9-10.5 inch.

Hence we attached an outfield glove size chart for you.


3 types of material can be used to make a baseball glove.

  • Leather
  • Synthetic
  • Mesh

Leather material gives you long time durability. Almost every professional baseball player prefers to use a leather-constructed glove. Leather can provide you with more comfortability than others but it cost you more.

On the other way, synthetic gives you the same look and lightweight feel at a cheap price. But the quality of synthetic isn’t good as leather. Other materials like mesh-backed gloves are well known for their flexibility and sort amount of weight.

Some people do compare mesh-backed gloves with leather shell gloves. But the truth is leather lasts more time than mesh or synthetic. And leather gloves are environment friendly. Try not to use water on gloves. It can harm the leather layer.

Adjustable Strap

An adjustable strap helps you to fit your gloves depending on your hand size. You can tighten or loosen your glove as your wish. Most baseball glove companies don’t provide this feature in their glove. To be honest, it’s not a critical glove choosing factor.

Because if you choose a glove that perfectly fits your hands, then why do you need straps? And sometimes it can give you uncomfortable feelings in overheating match. So if you choose a glove based on the size chart, then you may don’t need this feature.

Pocket Depth & Comfortability

This is an essential glove choosing factor. An ideal baseball glove should protect you from the impact that comes directly from baseball bats. It’s necessary to have a glove that comes with a comfortable and bigger pocket.

The other benefit of having a bigger pocket in your glove is that it provides room for catching those balls which can be tough to reach. All of those gloves which we reviewed come with a soft large and comfortable pocket to absorb the impact of baseball or softball.

Easy To Break-In

Break in a baseball glove is a challenging and long time process. If you want to make your glove professional, you have to break it in when it is new. But some gloves come with zero required break indirectly from the manufacturer. And also some gloves like A2000 need a professional level break-in for making them game-ready. And you have to do it on your own. So if you don’t know how to do the break-in process, then you should choose a glove that doesn’t require break-in.

Left hand or Right Hand

A baseball player can be any hand thrower. An ideal outfielder glove should have both hand variations by keeping in mind a player’s preferences. I mean we don’t know which hand do you throw a ball in.

If you are a right-hand thrower, then you need a glove for your left hand. And if you are a left-hand thrower, you will need to choose a right-hand glove. So before purchasing, make sure you are selecting the right glove for your hand.


You can’t break a bank just to buy a baseball glove. So choose a glove that matches your all performance but costs low. But it will be suggested not to buy a cheap baseball glove just to save your money. There are gloves between $20 to $14,000 in the market. (Yeah, you heard it right!) $14,000 gloves also exist in the market.

Ok, get to the point. What am I trying to say is that $20 gloves aren’t equal to $500? It will be recommended not to buy cheap outfielders gloves, but at last, it’s only up to.


There are a hundred baseball gloves making companies available in the market. Choosing a good brand outfielder glove gives you more facilities to play. Because they do care about their reputations. So it’s rare to get low-quality gloves from a good and loyal brand. Some of the brands that provide high-quality gloves are listed below:

Support and Warranty

Getting support AKA warranty from the manufacturer is a sign of good gloves. Because giving warranty means, they are confident about their gloves will provide long-lasting performance for years. All of those gloves which we reviewed come with 100 days love-your glove guarantee. If you don’t like the glove, you can ask for a change or a refund.

Different Between $200 and $100 Outfield Gloves

Yes, we all know that there is a difference between $200 and $100. But what is it?  The main reason for being a glove expensive is its material and leather. Expensive glove made to last for a long. But it doesn’t impact your gaming performance.

Inexpensive gloves are easy to break in. Sometimes even it doesn’t need to break in. On the other hand, you need to break in an expensive glove professionally to make it game-ready. So cheap doesn’t mean the worst performance. The main difference is about gloves’ durability and life expectancy.

Difference between Outfielder and Infielder Glove

Outfielder gloves are larger than infielders gloves. Most infielder gloves come with a size of 11″/11.25″/11.50″/11.75″.And most outfielder glove comes with 12″/12.25″/12.50″/12.75″/13″.

The reason being larger is that outfield glove made for catching high fly balls. It has a more extended and deep pocket for giving extra support to a player’s finger. Most of the outfield baseball glove comes with the H web. On the other hand, most infield glove comes with Modified Trapeze or Zigzag Webbing.

The Winner

If you are trying a baseball glove that can maintain your high expectations for a lot amount of time, then The Wilson A2000 baseball glove will be a perfect choice for you. If you have a budget problem but still trying to find a glove-like A2000 at an affordable price, then you should choose the Mizuno MVP Prime glove for yourself.

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